Wednesday, February 21, 2024

Wednesday Finishes

I have been bouncing around finishing the bindings on a huge array of quilts. Some of them have been quilted for a while but I sew the bindings on as I need them.

I am still trying to work my way through all the happy blocks I received in the last block drive. This is happy quilt # 60.  All of the blocks in this top have kind of a rainbow theme. 
There is a whole lot of color in this one!

I decided to use a "Boston commons” type layout for this one. Nann had sent me a bunch of the balloon fabric and I decided to use it in the inside border and for the binding.

I also used the balloon fabric on the back. Isn’t this fabric amazing and colorful!

This cowboy quilt top was sent in by Karen. This is one of the quilts I sent off locally to get quilted by one of my elves. Terry did a fantastic job quilting in loops and stars.

Karen also sent in this backing. The quilting really shows up! 
This quilt measures about 48" x 62".

If you don’t follow Diann’s blog Little Penguin Quilts, you should. Diann made this lovely scrappy quilt. I have always wanted to make this block but haven’t yet.  I think this quilt looks amazing!

The colorful backing really finishes this sweet quilt off perfectly.

That is all I have to share today but there will be a few more in a couple of days.  


LIttle Penguin Quilts said...

Thanks so much for sharing my quilt! It looks like it belongs with your other Compassion Quilts, and I'm so glad. Love those others you're showing, too - especially the one with the hot air balloon fabric!

Vicki W said...

More great quilts! I love the layout of the Happy Blocks quilt with that inner border.

The Joyful Quilter said...

Congratulations on 2 more finishes and that super sweet donation from Diann!!

Anonymous said...

Love that pattern on the Little Penguin quilt. Any idea what the pattern name is? said...

Such fun finishes. . . AGAIN!!! Love the balloon backing fabric and Diann's quilt is even more impressive on your blog than it was on her blog!

Kate said...

Such colorful finishes! That balloon backing is really fun. Your elves do really good work!

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