Tuesday, February 6, 2024

Happy Scrappy

We have some Happy and some Scrappy finishes today.

First, there is Happy Quilt #59. This little quilt is all about zoo animals. I also used only yellow, orange, blue and green blocks for this one.

I picked these colors to match the adorable jungle fabric sent in by Helen.  There wasn't a lot of it but I had a light brown solid that matched beautifully.

This little quilt measure 40 x 48".

This next quilt is my scrappy Two Bits quilt.  I started with some 9-patches that were in my spare parts box.  Then I made the blocks in a rainbow of colors.  Making all these donation quilts, I end up with a lot of scraps from trimmed backings so you will find a number of them in these blocks. It is nice to find a home for them.

The front of the quilt is super bright so I thought I would put a muted fabric on the back.  This backing piece was given to me by my neighbor - she is now out tracking down fabric for these quilts.  She says loves the hunt!

It takes a lot of fabric to back all these quilts so I appreciate all the help I can get!

This week I am focused on quilting Compassion Quilts - so I am hoping to work through a bunch of the stack waiting to be quilted.  I just delivered 25 quilts to the hospital so my inventory of finished quilts is pretty depleted.  I will be working on quilts for adults and a few quilts for veterans.

 Friday I hope to have two Log Cabin quilts ready to share.  I just have the binding to sew!


Kate said...

Both quilts are really bright and fun. The two bits quilt is a really cool way to use up leftovers. Good luck with your guilting goal this week.

Yvonne from Quilting Jetgirl said...

I really like that you have variety to work on; I would probably get really bored and tired of the same block type and thing that needed done. And hooray for so many people helping hunt down fabric for backings to help!

The Joyful Quilter said...

Two more fun quilts to start the new stack for your Compassion project, Cynthia!

dq said...

Most any finish generates happiness, but the colors in these do say "happy" too.

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