Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Yo Yo Quilt

I have been needing to do a bit of repair on a quilt I finished years ago and I was finally motivated to get it done thanks to Val.  Every Tuesday over at Val's Quilting Studio, you can share posts based on a pre-determined theme - this week is Yo Yo Quilts so the timing to get these repairs done was perfect.

I made this quilt a little over 10 years ago. When my grandmother passed, I found a few bags of fabric scraps in her belongings and decided to use some of them in a yo yo quilt.  I decided to use different colors to create a pattern. And I really love the points around the outside border.

The quilt hangs over the foot board of my lodge pole pine bed as it is a bit delicate. About every two years, I need to fix a few of the yo yos or restitch a few of the connecting stitches.  I have always loved seeing vintage yo yo quilts and really wanted one of my own. I do love seeing it every day but if asked to make another one, I am sure I can come up with a number of excuses as to why that is not happening!

I hope all of you in the US have a wonderful Thanksgiving filled with friends, family and good food. 

And if you are a Black Friday shopper and love good deals, I should let you know about some great ones on Craftsy.  They have all of their classes on sale.  And right now I am not sure you can beat their pricing on Kona Solids and Aurifil threads.  This is a great time to load up on those necessary basics!

I myself am picking up a few more quilt kits and quilt backs at ridiculously low prices!

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scraphappy said...

I've always admired yo yo quilts. I wondered how delicate they might be though. Good to hear that I guessed right

LIttle Penguin Quilts said...

So pretty! But a lot of work, I take it? Happy Thanksgiving! Hope you enjoy whatever you have planned!

Chantal said...

Gorgeous work. Love the points too. It makes the quilt look even more "lacey". Thanks for sharing.

Charlotta said...

Yo yo quilts like yours aren't technically quilts at all - because to be a quilt it has to have a top, a back, batting, and be quilted in some way. But I also believe, firmly, that "there is NO quilt police," so you can call it what you wish. I've never known of anybody who made one of those quilts, and I've always wondered how you use them. I guess the answer is, just for decoration. Yours definitely is beautiful.
I wonder if they sometimes are made on a foundation, which would make them less fragile, but then you'd have to decide which side of the yo yos to show.
Happy Thanksgiving to all who celebrate this holiday. said...

This yo yo quilt is awesome! Honestly, I have never seen such a quilts made from fabric circles. Lovely thing.

Barb N said...

Very pretty! And meaningful. I have a yo-yo quilt from my grandmother, but don't know how old it is. It's done up in pinks and pastels. I have no place to showcase it, so it's in a box :( It is very delicate, indeed. Glad to see yours!!!

Jo Ferguson said...

I'd never seen a yo yo quilt. It's wonderfully delicate.

Lorna McMahon said...

This is a gorgeous piece, Cynthia. Love the design and those centers arranged to look like flowers. Wow!

Jasmine said...

So cute! Love the story behind it too. It reminds me that I once made a mini yo-yo quilt.

Val's Creative Life said...

WOW!!! I should have highlighted this for Tuesday's beautiful and inspiring!!

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