Wednesday, February 14, 2024

A Couple More Finishes

I was busy again working on client quilts this week but thanks to little elves, I still have two quilts to share today.

Pretty quilts do not need to be difficult.  Sometimes simple patterns make some really nice quilts.  This quilt top sent in by Karen is just made from 5" squares.

I sent this one off for Terry to quilt.  She has a new longarm and these compassion quilts are perfect for her to practice on as she gets used to her machine.

Karen also sent in this lovely backing.  It is a lovely floral that I have not seen before or I would have definitely added it to my stash.

This quilt is approximately 55 x 72".

This hand appliqued quilt top was saved from an estate sale from my neighbor Deana.  The quilt was actually about a king size, and I had to take it apart to make two quilt tops.  This is the smallest of the two.  It is made with all batik fabrics.

I think I received a total of 8 finished quilt tops from this estate sale.  Quite a few of them are way too big so they will need some work before they can be quilted.  I feel like I am honoring this quilter by finishing them up and giving them to such a wonderful cause.

For the back, I used this fun leaf fabric that Beth sent me.  Keep an eye out for more of this fabric.  I used the scraps as inspiration for a quilt top that is out being quilted.

I have been finally quilting a few more compassion quilt tops so I will have more finishes to share Friday.  Plus I have some news to share with you soon - I just have a few more steps I need to complete before I can share the details!

Hope you had a lovely Valentine's Day!



Kate said...

Simple can be effective and cute. What a save on that estate quilt! How sad that the family didn't realize what they had. said...

What a great group of finishes! I love that you were able to honor the quilter who made the leaf top. It is a beautiful quilt now and the bonus is that there will be two!

Chantal said...

These block drive and compassion quilts are a full-time job. Bravo to all the ladies helping you along the way. Can't wait to hear your great news! ;^)

Yvonne from Quilting Jetgirl said...

You are definitely honoring the quilter by finishing up their quilts and making sure they are loved!!

Beth said...

So nice you are being able to use the backing fabrics I sent in. I have not had a sewing room in three months due to packing up EVERYTHING so much needed repairs could be made to that bedroom. Hopefully I can participate in the next block drive you host. Until then, quilters’s blogs keep me going. I didn’t realize how much sewing/quilting were needed in my life - I’ve missed them!

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