Friday, June 9, 2023

Churn Dash Quilts #20, 21 And 22

 Can you believe we are already sharing quilt #22 for the Churn Dash block drive?!

The quilts for this drive are finally winding down and I am cleaning up the fabric and leftover blocks to use next year.  But I still have a few more quilts to finish up!

Most of the quilts being delivered this month are for adults so when I saw that some of the Churn Dash blocks I received had some fun novelty fabric in them, I saved them to make this fun quilt.  It has lots of dogs, sock monkeys, baseballs and other playful prints.  I made it a bit smaller than usual and marked it for the pediatric center.

I try to keep a balance on the type of quilts I make each month.

I still had some of that bright blue batik for the backing.  I had to piece it quite a bit but the white thread I used distracts the eye from all the seams.

This quilt measures 48 x 60".

Towards the end of the drive, I had a whole bunch of large and small Churn Dash blocks so I didn't use any of the 4-patches in this layout. I really like it!

I also made this quilt a bit smaller.  It is also just 48 x 60".

I am now having to use some of the smaller cuts of fabric for the backings.

I decided to use some of the string blocks I have been making with all the leftovers.  I still had a lot of the 12" Churn Dash blocks so I used them as the outside border.

The string blocks are 10" and the Churn Dash are 12" so I needed to use an inner border to get me the correct fit.  I received that fabulous blue fabric with a shipment of blocks.

Five chunks of fabric were needed for this backing. It can sometimes be a puzzle to get these pieces to come together in a backing!

This quilt measures 60 x 72"

I still have lots of string blocks but not quite enough to make a quilt.  
So I will save those for next year too.

All of the remaining quilt tops are finished and just waiting for me to quilt them.  
Yep, there are still more coming!

A big thanks to all who helped me make all these quilts happen.

10 comments: said...

I think this churn dash setting is my favorite. What cool fabrics were used. I wouldn't have thought of novelty fabrics! String quilts always make my heart skip a beat as did this one! Lovely work, Cynthia! said...

I really love all of those finishes. The string quilt surrounded by churn dashes is a great idea. I'm so glad you were able to use some of the novelty blocks for a kids quilt. I had mentioned that it didn't occur to me until I was half way through sewing, that I had so many fun dogs and other things for the centers of the churn dashes. For many years, I actively sewed clothing and quilts for A Doll Like Me. I kind of like collecting novelty fabrics for those projects. Thus, I have many fun prints with dogs, sock monkeys and you name it. When possible, I will scatter them into my projects for your charity and CIL. It makes me smile. I really adore your finishes and can't get over how much you accomplish. are rocking this charity. Please take care of yourself!!! XOXO

Yvonne from Quilting Jetgirl said...

So smart to group the novelty prints together for a quilt to go to the pediatric center. I'm amazed at how many quilts you were able to make in this drive!

Lu said...

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Michelle at said...

These quilts are amazing! You do such a wonderful job working with different sizes to make a beautiful cohesive whole. Using the novelty fabric blocks altogether was brilliant.

The Joyful Quilter said...

MORE?!?! That's fantastic, Cynthia!!! I know you couldn't be happier with the response received.

Kate said...

The pediatric quilt is really cute. I like the setting with the 2 smaller churn dash blocks between the larger blocks, it has a really cool dynamic look to it. Congrats on all the finishes. It has to feel good to be on closing in on using up all the donated blocks.

Vicki W said...

Three more winners! 48 x 60 is the size my quilt club makes for our local VA hospital. It's a nice lap size for someone to take to chemo treatments.

Alycia~Quiltygirl said...

I love them all!
it is really fun to see all the ways you are using the churn blocks! So much inspirations!!!

tbear said...

Beautiful work

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