Friday, February 2, 2024

A Bit of Everything

 Today, I have a little bit of everything to share with you.

Let's go biggest to smallest quilt.

Here is the 5th Log Cabin quilt made from all green blocks.  I always find it interesting how blocks arrive.  First came a lot of blue.  Then it seemed every package contained green blocks.  Lately all of the blocks have been mostly purple.

On the back, I used a rich leaf print sent in by Beth

This quilt measures 66" square.

This next quilt was sent in by Karen for me to quilt.  I am in love with this pattern.  Looks like she started with a triangle and kept adding lots of colorful novelty strings.  
I am going to have to give this a try.

A gray and white pinstripe was added to the back along with a colorful striped binding.

This quilt measures about 45 x 56".

(Unfortunately, the branches of my tree photo bombed this photo.  Not used to the sun being out this time of year.))

Hey look, another Happy Block finish.  By my count, this is Happy Quilt # 58.  It is covered in teddy bear blocks.  These blocks were actually laid out by my little friend Audrey.  She is not a quilter but loves to help me put these quilts together.

This one has a flannel backing - patriotic teddy bears!

This quilt measures 40 x 48".

And finally, I made another all flannel quilt from the precut squares sent in my Wendy.  I did just a simple diagonal design on this one.

(I still have a lot more flannel squares to go!)

The backing on this one is kind of a mish mash of leftovers.  I have to do that occasionally as I try to use up all the bits and pieces.

This adorable quilt is about 40" square.

(A bit thanks to my friend Janet for stopping by to help me with photos - even though she has an awful cold.  I think she just likes an excuse to come see my dog.)

So that is it.  In fact, I haven't been quilting Compassion quilts lately because I have been working on client quilts.  I need to get back to quilting them because they are getting stacked up and I am almost out of quilts to sew the bindings on.

I love seeing all these quilts come together!



Chantal said...

We love seeing all these quilts come together too. Lovely parade of quilts. Amazing job! ;^)

Gretchen Weaver said...

Beautiful quilts! Thank you for finishing them!

Kate said...

That is a very fun variety of finishes. Hard to pick a favorite, but the brights in happy quilt are just so eye catching. You got a lot done in January, fingers crossed February is just as productive.

Yvonne from Quilting Jetgirl said...

Oh, how fascinating to notice the color trends of the blocks you receive! said...

Those look so good!! I'm about to send you my log blocks. I went with multi colored blocks. I hope that's ok. It's so interesting how the same directions can mean something different to various people. I love how the blues look together. The truth is, you can't go wrong with any log cabin, as long as you keep the fabrics contrasting from light to dark. I have another quilt to send you too. It's a scrappy log cabin of pinks, yellows etc. I couldn't help it when I saw that I had so many pink strips!

The Joyful Quilter said...

Fabulous bunch of quilts, Cynthia!! Excellent teamwork for the Compassion Quilt Project! said...

The green log cabin block is spectacular. . .then I saw the triangle string quilt. . .I love string quilts. So much to see in all the little bits! This one is sure bright!

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