Wednesday, April 17, 2024

Mid Week Finishes

Thanks to one of my local quilters, I have a few finishes to share today.

Yep, we are STILL working on the Happy Block quilts.  This dinosaur themed quilt is quilt #68.  The blocks for this quilt were laid out by a neighbor boy named Jackson - he is a specialist on dinosaurs, so he was the right man for the job!  

Laura was kind enough to quilt this one up for me.  She used a new tool she ordered to make those wavy lines.  I think it looks great on this quilt.  She also sewed on the binding.

This quilt measures 48" x 56".

Quilt #69 is all about pirates!  I had a blast putting this one together.

On the back is the cutest fabric - dogs and cats dressed as pirates involved in all sorts of shenanigans.  I didn't have a huge piece, so I put a fabric with undersea creatures.

This isn't a big quilt at 40 x 48" but I didn't have any more "pirate" blocks and I didn't want some of these cute prints to get lost in another quilt.

Laura also quilted up this fun quilt.  I love the boxy design in red thread. This quilt top traveled a bit.  I think Judy sent it to Kat and Kat sent it to me.  She thought it might be more appropriate for an older kid.  I am sure it will be one that gets distributed quickly.  I don't often have larger kid's quilts.

A pretty blue backing that I think Judy sent in with the quilt top.  The quilt is all finished off with a red binding - also sewed on by Laura.

This quilt is about 65" x 72".

A huge thanks to all for helping get these quilts made.  I am really enjoying that all ages are getting involved and having fun with it.  So Many Hands and Many Hearts are involved!


5 comments: said...

These are so colorful and happy! What child wouldn't love a comfy quilt when they're in a drab hospital? I'm working on a scrappy project right now. It began as a doll quilt and has become large enough to be considered a toddler quilt. I'm wondering if it might work for your purposes. What's the right size child's quilt for the charity? Do you ever need a smaller quilt...say 25" x 30"? I bet that's too small, unless you ever give quilts for infants. I can enlarge it with a border. Or, I can give it to my friend who makes dolls. I have stuff to send you but passover is keeping me busy. Maybe early May I'll send you a box with everything. Meanwhile, I really look forward to your blog posts. Finally, I am loving your logo for Many Hands and Many Hearts. I think you found the perfect image...and colorful to boot!!

Chantal said...

Awesome work, everyone! ;^)

Yvonne from Quilting Jetgirl said...

It's so fun to continue to see the Happy Blocks turning into quilts and gosh what perfect backing fabrics for these!

Nann said...

What a cheerful parade! And thanks for showing the quilting -- it's heartening to see quilting designs I may be able to do. How many Happy Blocks are waiting for settings?

Kate said...

Very fun and colorful quilts. Love that pirate one!

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