Wednesday, May 29, 2024

Two Step Block Drive

I can't believe it is already time to announce the next block drive for Many Hands and Many Hearts.  I am nowhere near finished with the last blocks from our Veteran drive.  But I will talk more on that in another post.

This time we are working with fall/autumn colors.

Here is the block we will be making.  This block was made by Holly - I gave her a head start and this is the first block she created.

For each block you will need the following fabric cuts.

Qty 1     5" square in a fall fabric print (sunflower, leaves, apples, pumpkins, etc.)
Qty 2     2.5" x 5" Rectangle in fall colors 
Qty 2     2.5" x 9" Rectangle in fall colors 

This block pattern is by Jenny Doan.  You might not make it as the tutorial shows because it is strip sewn and cut to size to make a whole quilt.  I made my blocks from scraps so I cut each piece to size and then assembled the block.  It is a pretty easy block to make.

Here are the few blocks I made this week.  Please keep the following in mind as you pull your fabrics.

* Try to keep good contrast between all your fabric.  
* Please only use each fabric once on a block. 
* Remember I have to get these blocks together cohesively so please don't go too crazy on your blocks with a lot of busy prints.  Try to give the eye a place to rest on your blocks.
* No solid fabrics please.  Tone on tones are perfect. (I tried solids and they were just too flat and really stuck out.)
*No prints with white backgrounds unless it is the 5" square.  Try to keep to tan backgrounds.
* No holiday fabrics like Halloween.  Pumpkins are great - Jack-O-Lanterns are not.

It is okay to use a novelty type fabric for the 5" square.  It is not ideal but I think they will work okay.  I will probably just put them all together in their own quilt.  

I am hoping to end up with a lot of warm looking patchwork quilts.  These quilts will all be donated to Many Hands and Many Hearts Many Hands and Many Hearts where they will go out as compassion quilts in Oregon.
If you have any questions or need my address to send out your blocks, feel free to email me at cynthiabdesigns at gmail dot com.  Try not to put questions in the comments unless you know for sure I can reply to them.  Thanks!


If you still have some of the RWB Churn Dash blocks RWB Churn Dash blocks to send from the last block drive, please get them sent to me soon.  I want to get them all made up into kits soon so they can be sewn into quilt tops.  Thanks so much!


Kate said...

Good luck with the block drive. Wishing you as much success as you've had on all the others this year. said...

That is a great block!

Yvonne from Quilting Jetgirl said...

Great block! I'll have to have a good dig around to see if I have anything that might work. Hmmm.... said...

Lovely!! I adore fall colors. I quickly just made 2 blocks and I'm sending you some stuff tomorrow. I bought you some fall fabric in LA. Not much, but something you can use for a backing.

Anja @ Anja Quilts said...

This is a fun block. What is the deadline to mail blocks to you? I'd like to make some if there's time.

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