Sunday, August 6, 2023

Oh Scrap! : Sidetracked

 This week, my intentions were to get all the scraps cut for my August RSC blocks.  I did get my yellow scrap bin out but that is as far as I got...

I got a little side-tracked.  Don't worry - I didn't get a puppy.  But a neighbor of mine did and Arthur (my dog) and I have been doing a bit of puppy sitting.  My dog loves her but is still a bit unsure how to play with her because she is so tiny and he is a brute.

He does share all of his toys and even his bone.

My lil man Artie is the only one for me!

So hopefully I will have something scrappy to share next week.  But for now I will have to rely on all of you to share your scrappy projects.


It is now your turn to share what you are making with scraps.  Here are the details for linking up: 

  • This linky party is for any scrappy project - It can be in-process or a finished piece.
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  • If you are using Instagram, please use the hashtag #ohscrap.
  • This is a party so remember to socialize and comment on the posts of others.
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LIttle Penguin Quilts said...

Artie always looks like such a sweetie in the pictures you share of him, so it's no surprise that he shares his toys with the visitor! That is a very cute puppy, though - look at those white paws. Are you sure you're not tempted? :) Have a great Sunday, Cyndy! said...

I've wondered how you and Artie have been getting on together. Thanks for this post! It's cool to have a friend and it sounds like he already has the sharing of toys part down!

Chantal said...

This is the best kind of interruption in the whole world; babies (and fur babies). Give them a good back scratch for me. Enjoy! ;^)

Jocelyn is Canadian Needle Nana said...

Great yellow scrappy roses in the backdrop for Artie's portrait!

LA Paylor said...

my standard poodle was a terror. He used us like toys, and we despaired of him but now, he's our son and loving.

Your arthur is such a love, patient with his toys.... that's a sign of kindness. Big dogs get puppies generally and are gentler with them. Milo was about 4 months old and so very small for a standard but his friend was a swiss mountain dog, who's head was Milo's size, and they played, or the swissy tolerated milo's attacks, lol

Joni said...

That pic of Artie is so sweet. I know how puppies take up creative time, but what a fun distraction! I got my sweet pup 10 days ago and she is a wiggling, crazy bundle of hilarity. She tried to herd the cattle this morning, if cows could chuckle, they were doing that and more.

Bonnie said...

Always great to meet the dogs and puppies.... scrappy yellow can wait a bit.

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