Wednesday, September 20, 2023

Four More Finishes

 I spent about a week straight just working on quilt tops that have been sent in by others.  Once I had a nice pile of quilts, I had to sew on all those bindings!

(Luckily, I have little elves to help me sew on some.)

Here are a few that I completed.

This is one that Becky sent in many months ago.  I love this coral and blue together.

The reason it took so long is I could not find a backing I liked for this one in my stash.  I rummaged through a friend's stash and found this blue and orange cross weave.  She generously let me have it.  It looks amazing with the top.

This quilt measures about 58" x 68".

Becky also sent in this amazing quilt top.  I had the same problem finding a backing I liked.  I did find a pink gingham piece I liked with it in my fabric, but I didn't have enough for the entire back.

My good friend helped me out again.   She picked out the Tula Pink bunny print and the green stars to go with the pink piece.  It really works well all put together. She has such a good color sense (and a generous heart).

This quilt measures 66" square.

Holly sent in this next quilt top.  When it arrived, it was one quilt top.  I had a backing I really wanted to use on it but it looked weird on a long narrow quilt.  So I decided to take it apart and add a few borders and make it into two smaller quilts.

I had this horse print that Kat sent me that I have had a hard time finding it a home.  It worked perfectly on these two quilts.

Now there will be twice the quilty hugs!

These quilts each measure 46 x 50".

I am hoping to have the first quilt completed with the Happy Blogs on the blog this Friday.  I should finish up the binding tonight.  I think I already have 6 tops waiting to be quilted.

I am not even going to try and guess how many quilts will get made from the current Compassion Quilt block - They have been arriving at a pace unlike any previous block drive!
(You guys are awesome!)


Helenchaffin said...

A very productive week indeed,all turned out beautiful,luv the cherry colors!

Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

once again great quilts are made!!

Chantal said...

You had a great, productive week. All of these are lovely. Hope your weekend is calm in order to replenish your energy. Sounds like you will need it with all the blocks coming in the mail. Enjoy! ;^)

Yvonne from Quilting Jetgirl said...

These are fantastic and I'm so glad you have helper elves and friends who let you shop their stash for backing fabric. And oh wow, it sounds like we are going to keep you busy this block drive!

Holly in Indiana said...

My top looks so different. I kept thinking, wow, that person has ALL the same fabric as myself. HA, good job. I hope others like scrap, so much fun for me and I hope the recipients, to find and seek objects and colors and shapes, when just sitting with a book, or placed on a patient in the hospital. Thanks again for quilting, I cannot seem to get the hang of it.

Holly in Indiana said...

Ok I am game on the guessing of Happy Block tops this month. 55, now let’s start this contest and Cynthia isn’t allowed to guess.

Kate said...

All are fun finishes, but that first one is my favorite. You've been really busy!

The Joyful Quilter said...

Great quilt finishes, Cynthia!!

Nann said...

I recognize the top that Holly made as Lynn Dykstra's Horizon block. (I made one this summer after Lynn gave a workshop for our guild.) I sew bindings by machine and have gotten quite proficient at it. The only hand-sewing is the label.

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