Wednesday, May 1, 2024

Mid Week Finishes

Here we go!

Catching up a bit on some finished quilts.  I had to go back and make sure all the finished quilts had labels sewn onto them.  I think I am now all caught up.

This school themed quilt is the 70th quilt made from the Happy Block quilt drive.  This top was put together by a friend of mine and then Laura did a great job quilting it up.  Laura even sewed on the binding.  I just had to add the label!

Two fun prints on the back side.  This quilt measure 56" x 64".

Moving on to Happy quilt #71 - this one is all about love.  All of the blocks have fun heart prints.  Then rainbows are tucked in a few of the columns to create the block stagger.  The same local friend sewed up this quilt top.

Of course we had to put a couple heart prints on the back.  A red binding framed this one up nicely.  This quilt measures 40 x 48".

This cute scrappy quilt top was sent in by Holly some time ago. It has been continuously bumped by other quilts.  I decided one evening to just get it done.

A fun tiger print on the back. 
This quilt is 38" square.

And finally, this one is for all the Star Wars fans.  Karen sent in this fun quilt top.

This quilt measures about 38" x 48".

Karen also sent in this amazing planet fabric for the backing.  It is so very colorful!

I had a black and gray striped binding that I was hoping would work.  It was just a bit short, so I just added in a bit solid black.

Hopefully, I will have some Churn Dash quilts to share on Friday.  I have one done but the others need a binding.  Guess I had better get sewing!

6 comments: said...

The Star Wars quilt is super as is all of your recent finishes! Amazing how many happy blocks quilts have been constructed!

Holly in Indina said...

I love seeing my humble donations here and there. You don’t give yourself enough credit Cynthia, the yellow flimsy has only been there a short time. I would buckle under all the donations you receive and all you and the elves accomplish. Thanks so much for making my day.

Kate said...

Very fun quilts!

Yvonne from Quilting Jetgirl said...

Oh yay, so fun to see some of my heart blocks. Great progress, and I hope stitching on the labels is starting to be a natural part of the process.

MissPat said...

I really like the staggered Happy Blocks layout and will have to remember that the next time a mmake a Happy Blocks quilt (which I often do for kids quilt gifts).

Elana said...

Great finishes. I love that space fabric on the back of star wars. i have lots to send you when I’m back home. The quilt store near my folks has an incredible sale going on. Even better than i described to you before. I have some goodies for you!! Stay tuned.

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