Wednesday, December 6, 2023

A Whole lot of Generosity

 All right - many of you stated you don't get tired of seeing photos of finished quilts. 

 Today I have eleven to share!

First up are four finished quilts that Sue sent in. 

I really like the block in this orange and green quilt.  It is one I have not done yet but it looks like you just use 2.5" strips.

The back and binding really tie this quilt all together!

This pretty blue one is so peaceful and serene.

Some pretty pink and white prints on the back.  Don't know if you can see the quilting on this but Sue quilted in some lovely butterflies!

The piecing in this one is so simple (Squares and HSTs) but I love how they look together.

Great use of those leftover fabrics on the back.

Lastly, there is this charming quilt - this one really inspired me.  I want to pull some strips and make one of my own!

Perfect fabrics for the backing.

Sue wasn't the only one to send a big box of finished quilts. I received the next six quilts from Beth.

This one has frogs and bright blocks of color.

Look at the fun dinosaurs on the back.  I love this print!  It is one I have not seen before.

This one had some fun fishbowl fabric.  It is just big four patches and squares. I love that she used yellow for the stop border and the binding.

More of that lovely yellow gold on the backing.

This quilt was made from a free pattern by Elizabeth Hartman.  The pattern uses charm squares, but you could use scraps too.  You can also easily adjust this pattern to any size!

I love these giant prints for backings!

So many kids love dinosaurs so I am sure this quilt will be treasured!

This was also made from a free pattern - "Sea Birds Baby Quilt" from the Bernina site. (

Lots of piecing on the back of this one.  Beth did a great job keeping the top and bottom lined up when she quilted it.

This one has a pretty whale batik in the center.

The backing really shows off the nice quilting.

Beth also turned some of her Happy Blocks into a quilt.  She said her blocks came out a bit small so she just finished them into a quilt.  Thank you Beth!

And if you are keeping track - this is Happy Quilt #36.

Looks like she is using up her stash on the back.  The colors are perfect!

This last little quilt I made from some flannel squares that Wendy (and the Sea Coast Modern Quilt Guild) sent me.  They filled up two boxes with flannel and cotton pre-cut squares.  I have been putting them together in quilts when I have a chance.

(A big thanks to my friend for holding up all these quilts.  It was pouring rain and we just got back from walking the dogs.)

Because the squares on the front are flannel, I want the backing and binding to be flannel too.  I had this darker pink print for a long time and was happy to find a home for it.

I will be making more quilts like this as I find backings that will work with the squares I have.

And that is it!  Quilts seem to be whizzing thru the pipeline now.  I have penciled out a bunch of time this month to quilt all the Happy Quilts I have put together.  They are all turning out so cute and I can't wait to share more with you.  This Friday I have a bunch of Happy Quilts to share!

Also, I will share more block photos for the current block drive.  I had a request to share a few more samples and thought I was going to have to sew up more blocks - but no, I already received a package with a bunch of beautiful blocks from Karen. (Thank you so much!)

Hope all of you are having a wonderful week!


Momma Llama said...

What a great variety of quilts that will bring comfort and warmth to those who receive them. Thanks for sharing.

Kate said...

Wow! You've been busy (and your helpers too). Very fun quilts. I'll need to work down some of my scrap boxes next year, lots of fun ideas in this post.

Nann said...

Thanks for the quilt show! They're sure to bring comfort and cheer to whomever receives them.

Yvonne from Quilting Jetgirl said...

What a beautiful variety of quilts. And that is fantastic that you have already received blocks for the new drive. Take care!

Linda Swanekamp said...

The quilts all look wonderful, positive and happy. Super generous quilters so good to see. The recipients will just be lifted up and cozied under. said...

Such cheerful finished quilts . . .What treasures they are and will be when they journey to their forever home! The backings are wonderful. . .each one could be its own quilt front!

Vicki W said...

What a wonderful collection of quilts!

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